6 current trends in web development

Not many people imagined what would follow when the Internet was unleashed on the world in 1989. Web development is one of the biggest pillars of today’s online world. We can only assume that the future will be promising if the trends we are currently seeing in the web space are anything to go by. Websites for a wide variety of businesses and organizations are constantly expanding with new trends.

Research also shows that the number of hours website visitors spend on a page depends on a number of factors. Have you ever visited a website and then not really been convinced by either the content or the graphics? If that happens, there’s a good chance you’ll close the tab. However, if the website is well designed so that there are interesting graphics and content, you are likely to stay longer on the website.

What’s behind the mystery?

What few website owners know that there are many new web development trends that most successful businesses already have in place on their website. You can’t keep using outdated trends over and over again to attract visitors to your website.

The truth is that today’s website visitors have become much more inquisitive. No one wants something that is not exciting or that does not meet their expectations.

What are the current web development trends?

Following are some of the latest trends web developers are using to enhance their websites.

Single-page applications

To increase the speed of delivering and displaying websites, developers have come up with a solution – the use of single applications – so-called Single Page Applications. SPAs not only make your websites more descriptive, but also much more powerful.

If you pick up on the trend and implement it, you’ll never have to go through the trouble of maintaining many pages on your websites again. It will only work with a single page where you post your content. You should also provide various linking within the page that reloads the content. So that your users can access the different information they request.

If one of your goals is to retain your website visitors, consider opting for a single page application. It is an effective way to meet their requirements efficiently. In the future, you will administer only the content of a single page for your visitors, in comparison to multiple pages in parallel.

Application Programming Interface

Have you ever wondered what technology enables communication between different websites and services? APIs take your requests and pass them to a system, which then returns the response to you.

API is the abbreviation for Application Programming Interface.

It is a software intermediary that allows two applications to communicate with each other. Every time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message, or check the weather on your phone, you’re using an API.

When you use an app on your smartphone, the app connects to the Internet and sends data to a server. The server then retrieves that data, interprets it, performs the necessary actions, and sends it back to your phone. The app on your phone then takes that data and presents the information you want in a readable form. All of this is done via APIs.

Artificial intelligence

If you are looking for a way to offer more personalized content to your users, artificial intelligence is the best way to do it. It does this by using the purchase history of previous users. The history allows it to recommend users the content that suits them best. In addition, AI helps address customer preferences because it doesn’t require a trial run.

Companies are using AI effectively in many different ways. On the one hand, they do it with the help of supervised and supervised learning techniques, for this purpose, they mainly use historical data to determine better solutions for themselves on the website.

On the other hand, they use the so-called unsupervised learning procedure. Another AI model works only with real-time data, without considering data from the past. It evaluates the data in such a way that it suggests the best possible solution to the users.

An AI can also make your website more attractive and engaging by addressing your users’ problems and suggesting appropriate solutions to problems. This is again done with the use of advanced learning techniques.

There are now very many areas in which artificial intelligence is used, for example to accelerate, improve and support business processes.

Motion UI

This is one of the most interesting new trends in web development. It is an improved approach to increase user interactions on a website. Web developers are also using it to make websites more engaging. Motion UI is a technology that allows the use of animations on your website.

More specifically, it is a library with a wide range of options for animations that developers can play multiple times. They make most of today’s websites look more interactive and lively.

Gender biases have also been observed in the past. To mitigate these, Google, for example, has developed a series of animations to compensate more for gendered content. They can also assist in grabbing the user’s attention.

Speech Recognition

Among the technologies in web development, speech recognition is the latest trend that is currently gaining the most ground. It is a suitable method for users to get quick access to information. In this process, what is being searched for is spoken via the speech recognition systems integrated into the website.

It is much easier to verbally make a request than to press buttons. Strictly speaking, typing via a keyboard takes more time. The voice option also assists in providing more accurate results. This makes it a convenient and reliable solution for any request from your website visitors.


When you visit a website and make an inquiry about a particular topic, you don’t want to have to wait too long for a response. Originally, you could send a message through a website and expect to find a reply in your inbox in about two to three days.

However, that is no longer the case as there are more and more chatbots that help website owners deliver quick responses. They are integrated into the website and configured to directly answer responses to the most likely questions.

Pop notifications are also readily displayed on a website for a chat tab with the message “How can we help you?” That’s a chatbot. Fortunately, integrating chatbots into websites greatly saves companies on staffing costs. Companies now find it cheaper to use chatbots than to employ customer service representatives.

It is surprising that bots on medical websites are also already designed to provide diagnostics for patients. They are able to do this based on descriptions given by patients. This illustrates how advanced these solutions have become.

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